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Introducing Raw Freeze Dried Lean Beef - The Perfect Protein-Packed Powerhouse for Your Pawsome Pets!

Are you searching for a treat that will make your furry friends go wild with delight? Look no further than our Raw Freeze Dried Lean Beef for cats and dogs! Bursting with incredible benefits, this treat will have your pets begging for more.

1. Premium Protein Source: Our freeze dried lean beef is packed with high-quality protein, essential for your pets' muscle development and overall health. Give them the fuel they need to be strong, active, and full of vitality.

2. Promotes Dental Health: Chewing on our freeze dried beef helps to scrape away plaque and tartar, promoting excellent dental hygiene. Say goodbye to stinky breath and hello to fresh, healthy smiles.

3. Grain and Gluten-Free: We understand that some pets have dietary sensitivities. Our freeze dried lean beef is free from grains and gluten, making it ideal for pets with allergies or sensitivities.

4. All-Natural and Preservative-Free: Our lean beef is sourced from trusted farms and is 100% natural, with no artificial additives or preservatives. You can feel confident that you are giving your pets a wholesome and safe treat.

5. Supports Healthy Joints: The natural collagen found in lean beef helps to support healthy joints and improve mobility, especially for aging or active pets. Keep them on their paws and ready for any adventure.

6. Irresistible Flavor: The rich, meaty flavor of our freeze dried lean beef will have your pets meowing or barking with excitement. It's a treat that will have them drooling for more!

Don't let your pets miss out on the incredible benefits of raw freeze dried lean beef. Choose the ultimate protein-packed powerhouse and give them a treat that's as nutritious as it is delicious. Order now and watch your pets thrive with every bite!




Sirloin Beef


2oz bag


Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min) 73%

Crude Fat (min) 9%

Crude Fiber (max) 2%

Moisture (max) 3%

Calorie Content (calculated) ME: 80kcal/oz


Feeding Instructions: Feed as a snack or treat. Feed as a meal topper by sprinkling over the top or rehydrating with warm water.


Storage: Keep sealed and in a cool place. Do not refrigerate. Use within 60 days of opening.

Beefy Sirloin Bites 100% raw freeze dried sirloin beef

SKU: 52641329
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